Celebrity Herpes Carrier Won’t be Identified


Which internationally known male A-lister gave a sex partner herpes in Las Vegas and was sued for millions because of it?

We’ll never know. Ok, so maybe “never,” but certainly not anytime soon.

The Herpesgate lawsuit has wrapped up and apparently the victim in the case has been awarded more than $5 million.

It all started when Mr. A-lister hooked up with the victim (unknown to be a male or female) in Las Vegas a few months back. Included in the couple’s sexual play was ”mutual oral copulation, mutual self-gratification, rubbing and massaging each other, play-wrestling, licking and intercourse.” The victim claims to have asked Mr. A-lister if he was STD free before hand, and he said he was. Turns out he had herpes, and passed it on to the plaintiff. A video recording of the entire escapade exists. The celebs name will not be released.

Any guesses as to WHO the internationally known A-list male celebrity is…?

Some great guesses: David Copperfield, Charlie Sheen, Jim Carrey…


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