Celebrities who Love to Gamble


The common link between Hollywood and Las Vegas is getting closer. When it comes to celebrity gamblers there are many that share a common bond, some well known names include George Clooney, Ben Affleck, Matthew Perry, Matt Damon, Tobey McGuire and Jennifer Tilley. It’s not rare to see them competing in a celebrity poker tournament, and since they’re all such great spenders, they are occasionally privy to a bonus code that allows them to win even more.  It’s great for gambling and even better for the celebrity to play poker as they love for a great cause. Gambling has become an exciting energy driven form of entertainment.

Films that have a gambling theme have dominated the market-place for years. From classics like Ocean’s Eleven and Swingers, to Vegas Vacation and When in Vegas – Katy Perry even wrote a song about waking up in the gaming mecca. America has a fascination with celebrities just as it does with winning big.

Even a friendly jab among friends and celebs has played out in the press. In 2011, Matt Damon said in an interview that George Clooney who starred in the gambling heist movie Ocean's Eleven has bad luck at the tables when he took a break from shooting that film.

Damon said, "He's the unluckiest guy at a table by far. I sat there and watched him lose 25 straight hands of blackjack in a row. After about 10 hands I was saying, 'You have to win. You're gonna win a hand,' but he kept saying 'I can't win at cards, it's just something.'

Clooney borrowed $600 from Damon and the next morning returned the money in a unique way. He slipped a check under Damon's door and in the memo section of the check it read, 'for lap dances' knowing that when he went to cash it it would have looked like he had done a lap dance for Clooney. Hey why not? If you're going to lose, why not have some fun with it?

Clooney is in good company after all, we know that there’s a fair-share of other celebrity big names that haven’t had the best of luck with their gambling dollars. Those types include names like Charlie Sheen, Allen Iverson, Charles Barkley, Michael Jordan, and Gladys Knight.

Gambling among celebrities is here to stay and grow as Las Vegas becomes more of a suburb of Los Angeles. Everyone has a favorite game to play. What's yours?


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