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Celebrities Who Have Mental Disorders

Mental disorders are very common these days, with an estimated 26 percent of Americans (1 in 4 adults) suffering from some type of mental health disorder

Most of us know someone that has some type of mental problem such as depression, bipolar disorder, or even social phobia. But what about the celebrities or famous people that are suffering with mental illness in the public eye?

Scientists have found a link between creativity and mental illness, which explains why so many people in the creative and artistic fields suffer with mental problems.

Let’s take a look at some of the big names in Hollywood that have battled mental illness. Some of the famous people on our list may shock you!

Catherine Zeta-Jones had inpatient treatment at a mental health facility in Connecticut in 2011 to deal with her bipolar disorder. She has bipolar II, which means a person has severe depression, but only suffers from a mild manic state that is called hypomania.

Mel Gibson is known for his drinking, volatile relationships, and run-ins with the law. But the actor reportedly suffers from bipolar disorder. In a 2002 interview in Australia, Gibson revealed, “I found out recently that I’m manic depressive.” The term manic-depressive is used interchangeably for bipolar disorder.

Carrie Fisher, who is most known for her Star Wars role as Princess Leia, has battled drug addiction and bipolar disorder. Fisher has spoken openly about her mental problems, stating, “I am mentally ill. I can say that. I am not ashamed of that.”

British actress Emma Thompson has depression, but admits her acting career has saved her from “going under”. The actress said she feels sad hopeless sometime and doesn’t want to get out of bed.

Jim Carey is the perfect example of the sad clown. He makes people laugh to cover up the sadness he feels inside. Carey has admitted having “peaks and valleys” and admits his depression is the motivation behind the comedy movies he produced.

“Scrubs” actor Zach Braff told Parade magazine that he suffers from depression and revealed his character in “Garden State” is very similar to his real life. Braff said, “To have millions of people go, ‘I watched your movie and related,’ was the ultimate affirmation that I’m not a freak.”

Singer Sheryl Crow has spoken suffering with depression. In her Blender magazine interview, the singer admitted, “Depression has been part of my existence for as long as I can remember. I miss things I never even had.”

Fall Out Boy star Pete Wentz opened up about his long battle with depression in an interview with Playboy.

Wentz said he’s had to see therapists since he was a child and is often suicidal. The musician stated, “The hardest thing about depression is that it is addictive. It begins to feel uncomfortable not to be depressed. You feel guilty for feeling happy.”

There are others in Hollywood that suffer from OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).

Gorgeous actress Cameron Diaz has an obsession with dirty doorknobs. She opens doors with her elbows so she doesn’t have to touch germy doorknobs. She also scrubs her home and washes her hands constantly.

Soccer hunk David Beckham likes things to be symmetrical. Beckham insists on having his shirts hung up by color and has to have everything even.

His wife, Victoria Beckham, stated, “He’s got that obsessive compulsive thing where everything has to match. If you open our fridge, it’s all coordinated down either side. We’ve got three fridges – food in one, salad in another and drinks in the third. In the drinks one, everything is symmetrical. If there’s three cans of Diet Coke, he’d throw one away rather than having three – because it has to be an even number.”


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