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Celebrities Who are Voting for Mitt Romney

The list of celebrities endorsing President Barack Hussein Obama are often outspoken in the media and include George Clooney, Sarah Jessica Parker, Eva Longoria, Tyler Perry, Steven Spielberg, and Scarlett Johansson.

But many stars that originally voted for Obama are sick of “no hope and no change” and are ready to put their vote in for Republican Mitt Romney this November.

We have a list of celebs that have chosen to endorse Romney in his 2012 election for President of the United States. And, some of them may surprise you!

Actor and Oscar-winning director Clint Eastwood endorsed Mitt on Friday night during a Sun Valley fundraiser.

Eastwood, 82, stated, “I think the country needs a boost and hopes Romney will restore “a decent tax system that we need badly … so that there’s a fairness and people are not pitted against one another as who’s paying taxes and who isn’t.”

The “Happy Days” actor stands behind Romney and has made public appearances on the Presidential hopeful’s behalf.

“Desperate Housewives” star and host of “To Tell the Truth” will be casting his vote for Mitt. Bean is the father-in-law of the late Andrew Breitbart.

Major film and TV producer of “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies donated the maximum individual amount to Mitt Romney in March.

Ass-kicker Chuck Norris is one man you don’t want to tango with and will be voting for Mitt Romney in November’s election. Norris stated, “Truthfully, I believe that Mitt has the skills and organization to defeat Obama and stop his fundamental transformation of America.”

Country singer Trace Adkins, who is known for entertaining the U.S. Troops, stated, “I want to be able to whole-heartedly support the nominee… It’s going to be Mitt Romney and I’m going to support him 100%.”

“Redneck” comedian Jeff Foxworth is endorsing Romney, stating, “I avoided politics for 53 years. I don’t like politics, I don’t like big government. But I do love this country…Mitt Romney is the guy with the best chance to beat Obama and take this country back.”

Rocker Kid Rock endorsed Mitt before a packed crowd at the Royal Oak Music Theater, even performing Romney’s campaign theme song “Born Free”.

Jon Voight, the star of “Midnight Cowboy” and father of actress Angelina Jolie has also let it be known he’ll be voting for the Republican nominee too.

Voight stated Romney is “strong” and “honest” and claims Obama had “decided to follow his father’s footsteps and take us to socialism.”

Rocker Ted Nugent announced he will be endorsing Romney on Twitter, telling his 44,000 followers “after a long heart&soul conversation with MittRomney today I concluded this goodman will properly represent we the people & I endorsed him.”

Other celebrities to cast their ballot for the handsome politician include Alabama frontman Randy Owen, Brad Pitt’s mother Jane Pitt, singer Pat Boone, Donny Osmond, Donald Trump, actor Robert Duvall, and even former porn star Jenna Jameson.


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