New Trend: Celebs Using Satanic Imagery?


I’m sure you’ve seen or read about them somewhere on the internet, but celebrities, especially musicians, are using baphomets in everything, from their fashion to their music videos.

Whether you believe in God and the devil, or not, the baphomet is an eerily strange and scary looking creature, and lately it has been everywhere in celebrity culture.

Symbolic of the devil, or an evil entity, the baphomet is a horned goat with a human body and wings. (Wiki it here.) Lately there have been baphomets everywhere! Forget Paris Hilton and the chihuahua’s, everyone wants a baphomet these days. Heh.

Think what you want, I’m not here to sway any one side to the other about whether or not it’s evil or even intentional, but I will say, sh*t is weird.

Jay-Z has two baphomets (which appear in flashes) in his “On to the Next One” video:

Beyonce follows her husband’s lead and wears baphomet jewelry and fashion:

Lady Gaga is perhaps the most blatant user of the baphomet symbolism:

Rihanna forms a baphomet with her body, as does Kylie Minogue:

Then there’s Kanye West and Lindsay Lohan with baphomets:

And finally, Britney Spears’ “Hold It Against Me” video and Nicki Minaj’s baphomet necklace:

So…after all that creepiness, what do YOU think? Are celebrities intentionally using the baphomet, or is it just a coincidence? Take the poll!


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