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Celeb Yoga Teacher: How to "Eat Pray Love" with Yoga

SELF Magazine contributor Mandy Ingber—celebrity yoga trainer (to Jennifer Aniston and more) and Yogalosophy creator—wants to help you achieve the “Eat Pray Love” lifestyle, but without booking a trip to Bali. She demonstrated some great yoga poses for SELF and discusses how you can use yoga to detox (after a big meal), meditate (aka pray) and open your heart (to love).

Chair twist: Twists are detoxifying. They both wring the organs of toxins and aid digestion. When I overdo it, I do a few twists. For an extra burst, try twisting and switching sides. Repeat 10 times. Sink down, as if into a chair, bring palms together, hook left elbow to the outside of right knee and use the leverage to extend and twist. Make sure the hips and knees are aligned.

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Sitting in half lotus: This is one to work up to. What we are exploring is that there is a lot of movement in our bodies even when we are still.

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Bridge: Lay on your back. With the feet directly under the knees and hip-width apart, press the feet down in order to raise the hips up.

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