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CBS' "Criminal Minds" Saves Money, Fires Actresses

Hollywood just cracks me up. In any other business, if you went up to your employees and said, "Hey, our female workers are not very popular, so we are going to fire all of you, but keep the men," there would be lawsuits all over the place.

That though is exactly what CBS is doing on its show "Criminal Minds." Out of the three women currently on the show, it is expected that only Kristen Vangsness will remain. Both Paget Brewster, who I love, and AJ Cook will be saying bye-bye. Neither of their contracts was renewed, and neither of them will be replaced. Oh, sure, there are "discussions" about bringing them back for a few episodes each to tie up their story lines, but it won't be for much screen time at all. Apparently, CBS needs the men, but the women are expendable.


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