Is Catherine Zeta-Jones Forcing her husband Michael Douglas to Retire?

“Is art imitating life for Michael Douglas?” asks Star. “It will be, if Catherine Zeta-Jones has her way!”

The tabloid explains, “While the legendary 68-year-old actor has been off shooting the comedy Last Vegas, about four retirees on a pilgrimage to Sin City, his wife has been begging him to hang up his own spurs — for good.”

Star says Zeta-Jones is “extremely fearful” that Douglas’ long hours making the movie “could be making his body vulnerable to relapse” after he beat throat cancer last year.

“She’s told him time and again that he’s already proven himself as an actor and that there’s no reason he should be overworking himself,” says a Star insider, adding, “Things are very tense between them.”

Of course, this is the same outlet that falsely claimed last January that Zeta-Jones and Douglas were expecting a new baby.

Star is just as mistaken this time around.

Douglas is NOT retiring, and Zeta-Jones is NOT telling him to do so.

“Considering they both are currently working, and have each wrapped three movies back to back, don’t think either one of them will be slowing down anytime soon,” a source close to the couple tells Gossip Cop, calling the Star report “laughable.”

Sounds about right.


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