Casey Kasem's Wife Throws Hamburger Meat at His Daughter (Video)

Casey Kasem was hospitalized in Washington State today after paramedics removed him from a home where he and his wife Jean were staying.

Jean reportedly took Casey out of a Santa Monica, California nursing facility weeks ago without telling his family, and transported him up to Silverdale, Washington.

Kitsap County Judge Jennifer Forbes ruled on Friday that she was going along with a Los Angeles judge's ruling that Kerri be given temporary custody of her dad, who has developed infections in his lungs and bladder, noted the New York Daily News.

Kerri showed up with paramedics at the home today where Jean had taken Casey, but the paramedics were kept outside the house.

After Jean walked outside and threw a pound of raw hamburger meat at Kerri, paramedics were finally able to enter the home and remove Casey.

As they rolled him out, Jean screamed repeatedly while her friends seemed to be trying to bully the paramedics (video below).

Jean later told NBC News that she was following a verse in the Bible when she threw the meat at Kerri.

"In the name of King David, I threw a piece of raw meat into the street in exchange for my husband to the wild rabid dogs," she said.

"Everything she's doing is just making it worse for herself," Casey's sister Mary Kasem told NBC News.

On Friday, Jean reportedly played a voice recording of Casey supposedly moaning in response to the judge's ruling.

"That was just so sad and wrong," Mary Kasem said. "We don't know if that's him or not. But if it is, he's probably groaning because he has stage three bed sores, a lung infection, and a bladder infection. For her to put out something like that and claim that is just awful."

Sources: New York Daily NewsNBC News


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