Casey Kasem's Body Missing, Widow Jean has Vanished


Casey Kasem died on June 15 at a hospital in Gig Harbor, Wash., but his body has not been buried, and is reportedly missing.

According to TMZ, unidentified sources say that Kasem's second wife and widow Jean took the radio legend's body from a funeral home in Tacoma, Wash., one or two days before a local judge ordered Jean to leave the body so that an autopsy could be done.

Police in Santa Monica, Calif., are investigating elder abuse allegations against Jean, who took her ailing husband up to Washington State during a week-long car ride that may have contributed to his death.

However, without an autopsy of Kasem's body, it may be difficult to press charges against Jean, who is also missing.

Jean listed Jerusalem, Israel, as her address on Kasem's death certificate, which lists his cause of death as "pending."

The Daily Mail notes that Kasem's body was flown from the Gaffney Funeral Home in Tacoma, Wash., to the Urgel Bourgie Funeral Homes in Montreal, Canada, on July 14.

However, Kasem's body never arrived at the funeral home in Montreal.

According to court papers, Kerri Kasem, the radio legend's daughter, was worried that Jean might prevent the autopsy by having his remains flown to Canada or cremated.

"I'm concerned about the results of any autopsy Jean Kasem may have commissioned and how they might be used," Kerri stated in court papers. "Consequently, I thought it would be best to ask the Washington Court to allow me to have an autopsy conducted by a forensic pathologist of my own selection."

Sources: TMZ and Daily Mail (Image Credit: Glenn Dettwiler)


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