Casey Anthony’s Father Loses Cool at Murder Trial

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The murder trial of Casey Anthony is in full swing, and Thursday, George Anthony returned to the stand to describe the day he went looking for the missing gas can in the trunk of the white Pontiac where little Caylee‘s body was said to be decomposing.

The prosecution contends that Casey would not allow her father near the trunk of the car and pushed past him so he could not get a clear view.

While under cross examination, Mr. Anthony lost his composure with his daughter’s defense lawyer. He was accused two days earlier of having molested daughter Casey from the time she was eight years old.

Casey is using this molestation charge as justification for her actions. She claims that she is messed up because of what happened in her childhood and can not cope with situations the way a well adjusted adult might.

The defendant’s story has changed many times throughout the investigation, first stating that her daughter was abducted by a fictitious nanny, then changing the story to an accidental drowning in the family’s swimming pool.

She is also claiming that after the drowning, her father George insisted that she cover it up.

I must ask the question however, if you were distraught at the disappearance of your child, would you be out partying mere days later?

And if your child had accidentally drowned, why would you take such measures as to duct tape her mouth shut and dump the body in the woods?

The more this bitch talks, the more guilty she proves herself to be.

Now, I’ve never been one who condoned the death penalty. However, if she is proven guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt, and I suspect that she will be, I may personally offer to throw the switch.

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