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Casey Anthony Watch: News, The Mask, Mock Trial and Conspiracy Theory

Casey Anthony is still in the news, in all kinds of ways: she's getting ready to return to Orlando to begin her probation; a church staged a mock retrial of her case; a preacher is insisting that lightning struck at the site of her daughter Caylee's death; and the Halloween mask bearing her likeness sold for $1 million on eBay, but the winner isn't paying.

Anthony was due to return to Orlando tomorrow to begin her probation, but Judge Belvin Perry granted her a stay: she's now expected to attend a hearing about her probation on Friday at 10 a.m. This probation is actually for a charge that's completely unrelated to the alleged murder of her two-year-old daughter Caylee; it's for check fraud.

She pled guilty to the charge last year, and the first judge on her murder case, Stan Strickland, said that he wanted her to serve the probation if she was ever released from custody. Anthony's legal team are fighting the charges, claiming that a probation officer visited Casey daily while she was in custody.

A church in Cleveland, Ohio, staged a mock retrial of Anthony during a Sunday service. According to Fox 9 News, The In Touch With Christ Christian Center had twelve congregants act as the jury and examine the case based on what they'd seen on TV. The result was a hung jury: eight said she was guilty, four said not guilty.

Bishop Prince Moultry, the pastor of the In Touch With Christ center, staged the retrial as a way of helping his parishioners protect the children in Cleveland who might end up like Caylee.

Meanwhile, Indiana preacher Paul Begley has made a YouTube video in which he puts forth his Casey Anthony conspiracy theory - and it's a weird one. It has to do with lightning striking the place where Caylee's body was found, right when Casey Anthony found out she was going to be released from jail. Begley thinks the lightning strikes were from God, because "God controls the weather." See video of Begley below - warning, it gets loud:

And lastly, the person who bid $1 million for a Halloween mask of Casey Anthony on eBay isn't paying up. eBay user "jnco6970" bid $999,000, and then left feedback for the seller, "prophunter," after the auction ended: the feedback read, "You should be ashamed of yourself for trying to profit off a childs [sic] death!!!" The user then canceled his account on the site - without paying the seller.


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