Diet Program Fires Carnie Wilson For Selling Cheesecakes


When The Fresh Diet hired Carnie Wilson to lose weight using their product, they probably envisioned that she would probably starve herself in order to lose weight and make the product look great. The company said she was supposed to eat three meals a day and two snacks. Even though Carnie lost 19 pounds, the company still fired her. Why?

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Well, it seems that Carnie has been promoting her new line of cheesecakes. Huh? Yep. According to Star Magazine, the singer made the company mad, because while she was being paid to advertise their weight loss product, at the same time she was out trying to sell her line of cheesecakes. Apparently they were not diet cheesecakes, either.

"Carnie was promoting her cheesecakes while she was supposed to be only eating our three meals and two snacks a day. She didn't stick to it, and she didn't lose weight. We had to cut ties with her."


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