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Carissa Yip is U.S. Chess Expert at 9 Years Old (Video)

Carissa Yip, 9, has shaken the chess world to its knees.

Yip can defeat 93 percent of the 51,000+ players registered with the U.S. Chess Federation and she is in the top 2 percent of female players, reports the Associated Press.

She recently played chess against a reporter from The Sun with her back to the board and won (video below). Carissa read her moves to her father, Percy Yip, and kept track of the whole board in her head.

Percy gave her lessons starting when she was 6 years old. She began beating him when she was 7. Percy thinks his daughter could reach the master chess level by the time she is 10.

“Some never reach master level. From expert to master, it’s a huge jump," Percy told the Associated Press.

If Carissa can hit the master level by the time she is 11, that will be a new record, according to Nathan Smolensky, president of the Massachusetts Chess Association.

Right now, five-time U.S. women’s winner Irina Krush holds the record for becoming a master chess player at age 12.

Source: Associated Press


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