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Carey Mulligan Upset with NC-17 Rating for 'Shame'

Actress Carey Mulligan slammed the MPAA for giving new film 'Shame' an NC-17 rating. She claims the MPAA is punishing the film for “unattractive” sex scenes. Mulligan stars alongside Michael Fassbender in the drama about a sex addict and his self-harming sister.

An NC-17 rating means no one under the age of 17 will be allowed to view the film, many newspapers will not advertise the movie and it will likely make far less money than an R-rated flick.

Mulligan told that the rating would have been less restrictive if the sex scenes were more erotic: “You know, so many of the teen movies will have so much sex and so many people walking around in bikinis and bare-breasted, and that all seems to be okay. And then the minute you show it and it’s not funny, and it’s not sexy, and it’s actually unattractive, then it becomes a problem, which seems so odd.”


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