Captain Sum Ting Wong? KTVU Anchor Reads Fake Asiana Pilot Names On Air

Political correctness aside, it’s no secret that Westerners are really good at messing up name pronunciations from around the world. Anyone who has ever sat in a diverse classroom and heard a teacher struggle through roll call can attest to this.

San Francisco news station KTVU will now find themselves the butt of a few jokes after their on-air gaffe today. During their story on the Asiana Airlines plane crash, the anchor struggled to read the names of pilots on the flight. But someone backstage seemed to be having a bit of fun at the networks expense and made up a few fake (albeit clever) names for the pilots.

The network put up a screen showing the pilot names from the flight. So, who was captain of the plane? None other than the famous Captain Sum Ting Wong. He was accompanied by pilots-in-training, Wi Tu Low, Bang Ding Ow, and, wait for it, Ho Lee Fuk.

KTVU has apologized for the fake names, but luckily for you the internet remembers everything. Here’s a video of the anchor reading the list:

Sources: SF Weekly, KTVU


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