'Captain Planet' Movie To Become Reality


Audiences nostalgic for the ’90s might be excited to hear Sony Pictures has announced its plans to bring the eco-friendly cartoon, “Captain Planet and the Planeteers” to the big screen.

The original cartoon featured five teenagers from all corners of the world who possessed magical rings that helped them protect the earth from polluters. When the group needed extra help, they would call on the eco-friendly superhero, Captain Planet.

The Captain and the Planeteers fought villains such as Dr. Blight, Verminous Skumm and Looten Plunder with the series featuring many celebrities such as Sting, Meg Ryan and Whoppi Goldberg voicing the villains.

The “Captain Planet” series was originally made in an effort to make children more aware of the environmental issues surrounding their world. The team making the Captain Planet film now appears to have the same goals in mind.

“The messages of Captain Planet are even more relevant today,” said Stuart Snyder, who first announced the arrival of the series.  “We feel this team can bring the world’s first eco-hero to life in a powerful motion picture that is not only pertinent but entertaining.”

Snyder announced that Cartoon Network has signed a development agreement with producer Don Murphy and partner Susan Montford of Angry Filmworks to develop a live-action film based on the original eco-centered series.

Murphy and Angry Filmworks are known for their success in bringing another ’90s cartoon and franchise, “Transformers” to the big screen. Murphy and Montford together also produced blockbuster “Real Steel” starring Hugh Jackman with Steven Spielberg. 

 “We are extremely excited about bringing the good Captain back to life,” Murphy said. “His adventures are known worldwide and he is recognized across generations. We expect to make a spectacular series of films with the amazing team at Cartoon Network.”

Montford echoed Murphy’s excitement.

“With the earthquakes, tornadoes, melting icebergs and all the other problems threatening the world right now, Earth really needs her greatest defender,” Montford said.

Sources/Photo Credit: CNN, The Hollywood Reporter, Collider.com


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