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Can a Video Game Improve Your UFC Betting Odds?

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In a video game preview of last weekend’s highly anticipated match-up in UFC 140, THQ  ran 25 AI simulations on it's game, UFC Undisputed 3, of the World Light Heavyweight Championship between the great Lyota ‘The Dragon’ Machida and the 24-year-old phenom Jon ‘Bones’ Jones — with Jones retaining his belt 72% of the time.

Based on the game's programmed statistics, such as Standing Strike Defense and Clinch Grapple Offense and rated attribute such as strength and footwork, the game was put to the test.  [For all the statistics and how the fighters stack up visit the official site.]

Some interesting facts from the simulation:

· Jones landed 42% more strikes than Machida

· Machida only recorded a single knockout over the 25 matches

· Of Jones' wins, just one was by submission

As expected, Jones defeated Machida in the second round.

Perhaps you shouldn't bet the house on the predictions of a video game, but I was told 50% of all marriages end in divorce and I still got married. I'll take the odds UFC Undisputed 3 gives me.

Look for UFC Undisputed 3 in stores February 14, 2012 on Xbox 360 and PS3.


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