Camille Grammer: Kelsey Wants Custody of Son, Doesn't Care About Daughter


Camille Grammer, the ex-wife of comedian Kelsey Grammer, has just filed for custody of her two children. As outlined by sources gathered by TMZ, Camille claims that Kelsey only wants his six-year-old son Jude to come live with him and not his nine-year-old daughter, Mason. Of course, Kelsey and his legal team say this just isn’t true. Actually, they say it’s “100% not true.” They seem pretty certain.

Lance Spiegel, Kelsey’s lawyer, told TMZ that “[Camille and her legal team's] statement is inaccurate, as indicated by our papers filed with the court today. Kelsey’s priority is to protect both of his children and he will not make any further comment, except for the fact that their statement is inaccurate.”

So many feuds/legal situations in the Hollywood air recently . . . Taylor Lautner’s publicist says adios (check out Silverthorne’s awesome coverage of that recent storyHERE), Snooki can’t drive a car, Schwarzenegger and his longtime wife split, Lindsay . . .

When will it all end? Hopefully never. What more could Celeb Dirty Laundry ask for?


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