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Camille Grammer to Release Kinky Kelsey Grammer Sex Tapes?

Camille Grammer is reportedly considering releasing some wild sex tapes of estranged hubby Kelsey Grammer if he doesn’t pay up in their ongoing divorce.

“Camille has quite a bit of footage of Kelsey in some very compromising positions,” a source reveals, “and if it gets out, it’ll be very clear just how twisted his sexual appetite is. Let’s just say that these tapes are real eye-openers!

“Camille likes to remind Kelsey all the time that she has dirt on him. And she’s so upset over him dumping her for young flight attendant Kayte Walsh last summer – plus the fact that they’ve already gotten engaged – that she’s been dropping plenty of hints she’s ready and willing to embarrass him if he doesn’t give her a huge alimony payment. The sex tapes are the perfect way!”

This isn’t the first time Kelsey has been in the news for his personal life. Porn star Tiffany Storm dated Grammer nine years ago and said that he liked to have sex dressed like a woman.

The source says Camille may release the tapes if Kelsey doesn’t pay up in their divorce.

“She’s occasionally shown the tapes, which were shot on a camcorder after they married in 1997, to her pals on a lark,” her friend said. “In one, Kelsey is all tied up and begs Camille to have sex with him. In another, she spanks him while he talks in a baby voice and calls her ‘Mommy!’…

“Camille fully intends on staying a very rich woman. She wants a ton of money in the settlement.

“If she doesn’t get what she wants from Kelsey, I think she’ll leak the sex tapes through a friend and then feign outrage. She’ll act like a victim – but she’ll be the one pulling the strings.”

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!  And we’d love to see the sex tapes!


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