Cameron Diaz Spills on "Bad Teacher" Sex Scenes With Ex Justin Timberlake


Some people find it awkward enough simply bumping into their ex, but for Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake that isn’t the case… good thing too, as they recently had to perform a fully clothed love scene for their upcoming comedy, Bad Teacher.

Diaz says, however, that the sex scene itself is not in the least bit sexy.

“It was the least sexy scene you’ve ever seen. We took that on as a very serious responsibility to create the best PSA for safe sex. To show children that if you keep your jeans on, you can’t get pregnant, you can’t. Just keep the jeans on. It’s a jean jam,” Diaz tells Extra.

Timberlake, who dated Diaz for four years before splitting in 2008, agrees and says that filming the sex scenes were in no way awkward, but it was definitely “funny”.

“We obviously know each other, but I looked at it as a really funny, funny scene that I’ve never seen done before.” Timberlake tells Access Hollywood.

Diaz adds, “There was a lot of laughter. We had a lot of fun doing that because it’s just so absurd. And we committed to making it sort of the creepiest sex scene you’ve ever seen! There’s no chemistry between these two people. It’s like your skin is kind of crawling.”

While there is no chemistry between the two characters, I can’t help but wonder if the scene reignited any chemistry between Diaz and Timberlake. Diaz insists there was none, but the two still remain good friends.

Diaz said their shared history even contributed to the scene, helping them make the scene as funny, racy and awkward as possible.

You already know what the situation is and there’s total safety in that and the comfort in that. It wouldn’t have been the same had it been some dude I just met like three months before and was kind of flirty with, the idea of possibly doing it without my jeans on. You know what I mean? So that would have been awkward and weird.”

Bad Teacher follows Diaz’s character, Ms. Halsey, who is, quite bluntly, a terrible teacher with little interest in interacting with her students. Her goal in life is to find a rich young man to live off. So, when she finds out the new member of faculty (Timberlake) at the school comes from a wealthy watch-making family, she pounces.

Good thing that at 38 she’s still a looker and is able to pull off these roles! However, Diaz says she’s now having to work a lot harder to keeping herself in shape.

“I’ve become more disciplined on my diet, which I never had to do because I was skinny. I decided as you get older, it does change. I used to be able to eat fried chicken at 2:00 in the morning with a boat of gravy and French fries and mashed potatoes and not even feel it in the morning. Now, if I do that in the middle of the day, it’s like, ugh.”

Diaz says she’s changed her diet quite dramatically: “I’ve taken fried foods out of my diet on a daily basis. Every once in a while, I indulge in it, but I don’t order the French fries every time. And I’ve had a longstanding love affair with French fries. I will always hold them dear to my heart.”

Well, it seems the diet is paying off, check out these Bad Teacher clips below to see how rocking Cam is looking, despite pushing forty!

[Image credit: Stefan Trautmann / WENN]


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