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Cameron Diaz Has to Gorge Herself to Put on Weight

Cameron Diaz is set to spark more jealousy from women around the world – the stunning actress reveals her “burden” is having to gorge on food because she’s so slim.

The Charlie’s Angels beauty is known for her lithe, athletic body, standing at five foot nine inches tall and only weighing 119 pounds.

But the star insists she doesn’t diet to keep her trim figure – revealing she has to eat constantly just to maintain a steady body weight.

She tells Britain’s Daily Record, “When I’m filming, I have to eat a lot more. I’m constantly eating because I’m burning so much energy doing what we’re doing.

“Even if we’re just sitting around on the set of a movie, we’re talking about the next scene and burning energy.

“However, I try to have the right kinds of food which I can eat throughout the day. I have a really good metabolism but sometimes I want to put weight on and I can’t. That’s my burden.”


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