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Is Cameron Diaz Controlled By P. Diddy?

Cameron Diaz‘s rapper and entrepreneur boyfriend P.Diddy shocked fellow party goers at the Golden Globes after-party with his “controlling” behavior.

The New York Daily News reports that at a post-awards party, one party goer was shocked by Diddy’s treatment of Diaz. The insider claims Diddy and Diaz did not arrive at the party together.

Diaz arrived before Diddy and sat on a couch “talking to a guy” when Diddy came in and told her “let’s go.”  Diaz seemed to listen to him as the two then got up to leave for the back entrance.

However, before they could make it back to their car, three male guests at the party wanted to have their photos taken with Diaz.  While she took the photo, Diddy became impatient, grabbed her hand, and said “Let’s go again” before pulling her into a waiting car.

The source added, “I’ve never seen him so controlling” and commented that Diaz “seemed to like the manly power thing.”

What do you think about P. Diddy’s behavior?


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