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California Teen Jameson Witty Arrested For Stealing Piece of Paul Walker's Porsche

California teenager Jameson Witty was arrested Thursday, after stealing wreckage left from the car crash that killed actor Paul Walker and his friend.

The wrecked Porsche Carrera GT was being removed from the scene by a tow truck when it stopped at a red light. A male immediately jumped out of the car behind the truck, took pieces of the wreckage, and returned to his car to speed away.

After the tow truck driver reported the theft, a search warrant was authorized for Witty’s house, where the missing pieces were discovered.

Police have not expressed what brought them to Witty’s home, though it is likely they saw pictures of the pieces on one of his social media accounts.

Witty apparently couldn’t resist bragging about his steal and published photos of the pieces on his Instagram profile. He added that he and some friends would be hosting a tribute to Walker at the crash site and raise money for Walker’s charity.

Aside from stealing cars, Witty apparently enjoyed fast cars and taking risks. There are an abundance of pictures on his Instagram profile of him speeding and enduring BMX injuries.

Witty was charged with felony grand theft and tampering with evidence. He is being held on $20,000 bail.

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Sources: DailyMail, CNN


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