Hugh Jackman Auctions Off Shirtless Workout for Charity

How great a guy is that Hugh Jackman?

The studly star of the X-Men flicks is offering someone a chance to work out with him – for a price, and I’m getting ready to sell a kidney or something, just to get in on the bidding!

According to E!Online’sMarc Malkin, the workout is up for auction at charitybuzz.com to benefit New York City’s Summit School for children with learning and adjustment challenges.

“If someone comes in and says, ‘I want to try it exactly how you train. I want to just go as hard as we can,’ we’ll go there,” Jackman told Marc from Michigan, where he’s shooting Real Steel. “But I don’t want people to feel intimidated if they want to come experience it but not keel over.”

So will he do the workout shirtless?

“Sure!” he said. “No problem. You know me, I’m a whore. I think I was shirtless for the whole time in my first movie in Australia and I think I only made about $4,000.”

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