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Brooklyn Decker Talks Fitness & Diet Regimen

Brooklyn Decker shared with OK! magazine how she stays slim with her fitness and diet regimen.

“I’m curvier and more athletic than the typical-size model, so I workout,” the Just Go With It star, 23, tells me. “A lot of girls are like ‘I eat a cheeseburger, and I’m a size zero.’ Me? No way! I have to workout, and it’s part of my life and I love it. I do yoga, cardio, boxing – everything. For me, it’s about mixing things up and staying in shape.”

But it's not all about the physical results that keeps Brooklyn sticking to her workouts, it's also about the mental results as well.

“I’m a much happier person and a much better person to be around when I’m working out because it gets the endorphins going. You feel confident.”

She adds, “I think women view it as a task — hard work — and I think it’s a time for you to be selfish. Women now are focusing on their families and their jobs. Basically, women are running the world these days. We’re busy. View it as an hour to focus on yourself, to be selfish – because we’re never selfish, we’re always doing things for other people. When you get to focus on yourself, ultimately it’s helping others because you’re in a good mood, you feel good, you’re being healthy.”

And when she can't get to the gym she doesn't beat herself up.

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