Brooklyn Decker Glad to Leave Modeling for Films

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Brooklyn Decker pretty much just called every model in the world dumb. C'mon, you're not just gonna sit back and take that, are you models? . . .  JELL-O FIGHT!

From the Daily Mail:

[Brooklyn Decker] has long had the sort of online fanbase and professional clout that equals a very healthy bank balance, but not the job satisfaction she craved, and the SI cover would be her last modelling assignment. "I loved the travel but I didn't love the work," she confesses candidly, rolling her eyes. "I mean, come on, modeling is only so stimulating!"

Her [acting] success, she says, comes down to a mixture of luck, hard graft and resilience in the face of repeated rejections. "To start with people would dismiss me, simply because I was a model. So you have to work extra hard hoping that they'll see something more in you than just the way you look. As soon as I got "Just Go With It," I left the modelling world behind, which is a big thing to do when you're at the top."


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