Brooklyn Artist Natalie Elizabeth Weiss Teaches Babies To DJ In $200, 8-Week Class


As if Brooklyn wasn’t on the butt-end of enough “hipster” jokes already, now moms there are paying $200 so their newborn infants can learn how to DJ.

“It’s going to be easier for me to teach a 3-month-old how to DJ than it is to teach an adult how to DJ because they have especially plastic minds at that age,” said Natalie Elizabeth Weiss, in an interview with ABC News’ Good Morning America.

Weiss, who describes herself as a “composer, playwright, performing artist, alternative arts educator and founder of Baby DJ School,” offers the eight-week beat-spinning course, aptly titled "Baby DJ School," to babies as young as three months, with the age range extending to toddlers no older than three years.

The school is housed in a thrift shop called Cool Pony, which doubles as a performance space, located in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights neighborhood.

“It’s a wonderful tool for children to use because it doesn’t require fine motor skill, as opposed to playing the flute,” said one Brooklyn mom whose two-year-old is one of Weiss’s students in the Baby DJ class. “He can’t really draw a perfect circle, but he can mix some slicing beats together.”

“The difference between listening to Mozart and listening to electronic music is that you can’t pick up a cello when you’re 3 months old but you can push play,” the 31-year-old Weiss (pictured, with students) told the New York Post.

She’s aware that her school could be perceived as yet another example of insufferable Brooklyn hipsterism, but she says that’s a misunderstanding of the program’s mission.

“The people who are interested are not interested in coolness,” she told the Post. “They say, ‘my baby loves music and they are already playing with my laptop.’ ”

Weiss, who creates her own electronic music under the nom de turntable “Unicornicopia” and has shared bills with such major acts as LCD Soundsystem and Psychics TV, built a special, infant-friendly DJ set-up for her young students.

In addition to fostering their affinity for music, the DJ school also develops a child’s motor skills, Weiss says.

Watch the Good Morning America story on Baby DJ School, below.

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