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Brooke Mueller will Sue if Name's Brought Up at Charlie Sheen Roast

Brooke Mueller, the most recent ex-wife of Charlie Sheen, is threatening to sue if her name is brought up at anytime during the future Comedy Central Roast.

Sources close to Brooke have revealed that she is willing to lawyer up if the jokes start coming her way during the ‘Roast’ on September 10.

Brooke actually does have a case, because in her divorce settlement, Sheen legally promised to never publicly discuss her drug use.

Brooke’s people are considering sending Comedy Central a letter saying they will pursue legal action if they televise any jokes about her.

A rep from Comedy Central has said that the only person the network is afraid of is Charlie Sheen, saying, “Charlie has assured us that nothing will be off limits in this Roast which scares even us.”

We will just have to see what is really off limits once the Roast premieres in September.

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