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Brooke Burke: "Working Out is Good for Your Sex Life"

So how does Brooke Burke keep in shape when not hosting Dancing With the Stars? She tells Shape magazine for their January 2011 issue in which she graces the cover how she keeps in shape and how it's healthy for her sex life. Brooke's long-time partner is actor David Charvet.

"First, you need to be healthy, that means exercising to relieve stress and build energy. It truly is good for your sex drive to work out."

Second, she says, create a romantic mood with candles and sexy music on date night.

And third? Don't break that date, no matter what.

"I'll fess up here," Burke says. "Sometimes we're so tired, it's just a glass of wine and a good night's sleep. But the point is that we're making a commitment to each other and saying, 'We love the kids, but we matter too.' "

Something tells us she definitely practices what she preachs.



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