Brooke Burke Uses Body Wrap to Sweat Off Pounds

Brooke Burke, host of "Dancing with the Stars", shares some of the things that keep in her top shape. The busy mom of four is not into any quick fixes; she knows it takes dedication and hard work to stay fit.

I think it’s important to always maintain a healthy lifestyle. As part of my routine, I like to eat five smart, balanced small meals a day.”

Some of the foods that keep her fueled: 

“protein shake in the morning, lots of sushi, Bill Phillips protein bar, yogurt, fish, chicken, lean beef, and lots of salad veggies.”

Eat more frequent (low carb) meals throughout the day and lots of cardio activities.

During her workouts she likes to use her own Baboosh body wrap. It claims to promote intense sweating and helps to take inches off your waist. 

Have you tried any of those "body wraps"?  Do you think they work?


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