Rap and Video Games: Broken Pixels Making Game Reviews Fun


Regardless of which site you go to or which show you watch, if you are interested in getting an "expert" opinion on a video game, chances are you will get something which resembles a tried and true formula followed by many journalists. 

There is a breakdown of the gameplay, the story, the graphics and perhaps a brief history or some other relevant information about the publisher and/or developer. The problem with the regurgitation of information is the veritable snooze fest that comes with reading same ol’ – same ol’. The catch-22: Even as I try to incorporate fresh approaches to my own reviews, I find the need to include certain information and it can end up stale. 

Every once in a while I am lucky enough to find a cool or entertaining new approach to reviews and I wonder why I didn’t think of it first. Okay, not really but I do get excited and feel the need to share.  Enter, Broken Pixels.

Broken Pixels is a rap duo consisting of rapper, Jerome Chance and DJ/Producer, Equivalent Exchange. They started taking game reviews and turning them on their ear with the power and popularity of hip-hop. I first got excited when I was asked to participate in the Crysis 2 review (take a listen – I get to whisper Crysis like some sexy cyborg in the background) and I have been listening every week. 

Now, I don’t like every single with the same vigor I do the Crysis 2 song (just an example, really) but it is because they tailor each one to the aesthetic of the game. Let’s be honest, I love Jennifer Lopez but not every song is my favorite. But I digress. The point is simple, love it or hate it at least they are doing something fun and different and in this day and age, there is something to be said for originality.

*My personal favorite:


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