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Brittany Murphy’s Mother: Mold Didn't Kill Brittany or Husband

Brittany Murphy’s mother has dismissed “absurd” reports suggesting household mould may have contributed to the deaths of her daughter and her husband Simon Monjack.

Reports surfaced this week suggesting health officials were investigating the presence of mould in the Hollywood home where both Murphy and Monjack both died.

According TMZ, suspicions were raised that mould in their home may have contributed to their deaths.

The website also claimed that Murphy’s mother, Sharon, was co-operating with the investigation.

“I have never been personally asked by the coroner or anyone from the Health Department to come and inspect my home for mould, Sharon now tells

“In the last eight months, I have been through the most unimaginable events, which no one could ever fathom. I have and will continue to be very cooperative and fully comply with any such request.”

Commenting on the mould reports, Sharon added, “It’s absurd that this kind of misinformation is being reported by the media.”

Sharon’s lawyer also piped up, saying: “To the best of my knowledge, there has been no evidence of mould at the Murphy residence.”

Furthermore, Los Angeles County Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter has dismissed speculation viral mould inside the couple’s Los Angeles home may have caused their deaths.

“There were no indicators that it was from mould,” Winter said.

Murphy and Monjack’s official causes of death were determined to be pneumonia and anaemia.

So no riddles, no conspiracy, no life-threatening nasty lurking in the background. Just a double tragedy?

Not so fast…

Britain’s Daily Mail reports that Murphy’s home was tested for dangerous mould two months before she died.

“Simon Monjack received the report and assured Brittany and Sharon Murphy that there was no mould danger and it was safe to stay in the house,”Murphy’s publicist Roger Neal said.

This is clearly not the end of the story…


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