Britney Spears to Guest Star On "Glee"


Gird your loins, Britney Spears fans, the pop marvel will indeed make an appearance on the Glee episode dedicated to her!

Glee guru Ryan Murphy confirmed the news to Ryan Seacrest, saying, “I will give you a little scoop…which is that Britney will 100 per cent be on the episode, which is exciting. She’s going to come and join us and do a couple scenes.”

Asked if Britney will play herself, Murphy says: “I don’t know yet. The fun thing about the way we’re doing [the episode] is all the Britney Spears numbers are fantasies.”

*Spoiler alert*

Which is what I’ve heard, too. The special Brit Brit episode will apparently involve several cast members being under anesthetic at the dentist and hallucinating about the singer, and having fantasies of how they can be like her.

The Britney episode is so reverential about her and so kind, adds Murphy. “It’s about her music and it’s not about her personal life.”

Ooh, seal claps!


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