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Listen to Britney Spears’ New Single “Hold It Against Me”

The star of Britney Spears’ brand new single, “Hold It Against Me,” isn’t the pop tart herself. It’s a burning, pulsing swath of synthesizer that oscillates throughout the track and pulls you into the chorus. It may be nothing but a gimmick, but it’s the kind that can’t help but make you move.

That’s a good thing considering “Hold” means to be a dance-ready club song, one that conforms to current trend on the pop charts. The focus also clicks because it allows the song to sidestep the cipher at its center. (That would be Britney).

Ms. Spears has two long time collaborators to thank for this act of synth-pop camouflage: Max Martin and Dr. Luke.

“Hold It,” which makes its debut Tuesday at midnight on radio and on iTunes, serves as a first tease of Ms. Spears’ new CD, which arrives sometime in March. That as-of-yet untitled work will be her first since “Circus” two years ago.

Though that album marked a minor comeback for the singer by featuring far more appealing material than her aptly named “Blackout” from 2007, Spears has never fully recovered from her fall-from-grace some years back. Her “Circus” tour found her looking zombie-like and the album of the same name sold modestly by her standards (1.7 million).


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