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New Britney Spears Album Out Early 2011

Are you sitting down, Britney fans? Word is the pop marvel will drop her highly-anticipated new album in early 2011.

One of her producers, Dr. Luke – who is working on Spears’ follow-up to Circus -- has been quoted by The Hollywood Reporter commenting on the album’s release.

Dr. Luke, co-executive producer on Spears’ forthcoming seventh studio album, says:

“She’s such an icon, I don’t want to let anyone down. But most importantly, I want to make good music.

“I’m excited to be co-executive producing with Max Martin, the person who kind of invented Britney, and to make good music. She’s such an amazing vehicle to getting that music out to a lot of people in every country.”

THR said Dr. Luke anticipates the record will be out in early 2011, and also quotes an unnamed source as saying it will definitely hit stores before March 31, the end of Sony’s fiscal year.”

And I’ll definitely keep you all posted!


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