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Britney Spears' Mental Health Deteriorating Again?

According to In Touch, Britney Spears is back to being, well, umm, Britney. On Mother's Day, she and her boyfriend and her two kids decided to go to Disneyland. Britney, being Britney, couldn't just go for the day like a normal person. Nope. She went and checked into a hotel there. While there, she and Jason got into a fight. I'm guessing it was about something fried or the width of trailers. Anyway. Britney got upset and since there were a pair of scissors there, she chopped off all her hair. Not shaved this time, just self chopped. I'm sure it looked lovely.

Then, to make things extra Britney, she got a huge red crown tattooed on her butt to show she is the ruler of herself. That one I can understand. Meanwhile, Britney's dad has been back in Louisiana and letting Britney's boyfriend and staff be in charge.

After thinking about this for a few minutes, I really don't know if Britney is ever going to get any better. She kind of reminds me of Susan Boyle, except much younger. Maybe Britney should just retire to a corner of the world and be left alone. The whole attention thing doesn't seem to work. I feel sorry for her because she has everything in the world, but just never seems happy. It must suck.


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