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Britney Spears Getting Back Control of Her Money

Britney Spears is going to regain control of her finances after her father Jamie Spears becoming the conservator of her financial affairs after the pop singer had a very public meltdown.

The Sunday Express reports that Jamie Spears is asking a judge to stop his control of his daughter’s finances as a wedding gift to Britney who is set to marry longtime boyfriend Jason Trawick.

A source said, “Jamie wants to go to court in early February so Britney will be a free woman in every sense when she marries.”

Rumors have set Spears’ marriage to Trawick as Valentine’s Day on Maui, Hawaii.

Spears  has been outspoken about how much her father has helped her cleanup her act, with an insider claiming, “Britney now recognizes that if her father hadn’t stepped in and taken the action that he had, well…. Britney is now crediting Jamie for saving her life.”

The insider continued, “Britney’s relationship with her dad is in a very, very good place now. She was extremely emotional backstage before leaving for the VMAs and kept telling her daddy how much she loves him.’


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