How Britney Spears Got in Great Shape for "Femme Fatale" Tour

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Britney Spears is touring with her Femme Fatale summer tour, and she is looking better than ever.

Thanks to Life & Style, a source tells us about her fitness workouts with her trainer Derek DeGrazio that have been getting her into shape.

"Derek is working out with her every day and helping her with nutrition," a source close to the tour tells Life & Style. And with Britney's demanding rehearsals, she's really been taking care of her body.

"She's rehearsing five hours a day, six days a week," the source adds. Britney's workouts include "25 to 30 minutes of interval cardiovascular routines on treadmills and 25 to 30 minutes of strength training using free weights, bands and bars," an insider at Barry's Bootcamp in LA, where DeGrazio works, tells Life & Style. Plus, "he's known for picking great music to work out to."

DeGrazio's also has trained celeb clients including rmer Spice Girl Mel B, Kim Kardashian, Christina Applegate and Chris Noth.


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