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Ex-Bodyguard: Britney Spears Never Hurt Kids

One of Britney Spears‘ former bodyguards has come forward to defend the singer as she faces allegations of sexual harassment and assault.

Fernando Flores has filed a lawsuit against Spears, accusing her of exposing herself in front of him, and abusing her two sons. The singer vehemently denies the allegations and reportedly plans to counter-sue.

Now another former Spears employee, bodyguard Mark Chinapen, who worked for her in 2007, has come forward to trash the allegations.

He tells E! Online,In our time with Britney, we’ve never seen anything in a negative sense.

“If there was an issue, we would have said something to her or authorities when it came to the kids. But we never saw anything negative. It (work) was very normal. Starbucks runs, going for lunch, driving, shopping, buying clothes, and going out to events. That’s it.

“Britney is one of those people that likes to conduct her own business and go around and do her thing around town. She’s not looking for someone to be in her face 24/7, just someone to assist when they’re needed.”

There’s reportedly a court date scheduled for early January to sort out the lawsuit. Here’s hoping it doesn’t even get that far. Poor Britney.


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