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Britney Spears Upset Parents are Rekindling Relationship

Not everyone's happy that Jamie and Lynn Spears are reconciling. Take their insane daughter for example. From the National Enquirer:

You’d think Britney Spears would be thrilled to see her divorced parents get back together-instead she’s furious! The troubled performer believes the reunion will destroy her chance to gain her freedom from court-ordered supervision.

"Britney feels completely betrayed," revealed a source. "Britney used to be able to confide in Lynne about all the problems she had with her father. Lynne gave Britney hope that she could get out of the conservatorship and be on her own again. She even promised to speak to Britney’s doctors and lawyers on her behalf. Now Britney realized Lynne was going behind her back and telling Jamie everything she said."

Britney believes that Lynne was working with her father all along to manipulate her into being more cooperative-and that she did so for financial reasons. Dad Jamie, 58, earns $16,000 a month for his role as Britney’s conservator. "If Jamie were no longer her conservator, the money would stop and Lynne and Jamie would both again become dependent on Britney’s generosity for money." (Print Edition - 12/13)

Wait a second, are we supposed to believe that the pushy parents of a highly successful child star would manipulate their own progeny for personal financial gain? The hell you say! If this hadn't happened to every single famous kid I can think of since the beginning of time -- mind you, Britney is still basically a kid, I never would have believed it. Hopefully future child stars will realize that the only way to keep their mom and dad's hands off of their money is to hide it in the one place they'd never look: a parenting book.

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