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Britney Spears' Boyfriend Two-Timing Her with Ex-Assistant?

According to Star Magazine, Jason Trawick had an assistant who later turned into his girlfriend. They started dating back in 2007, and are still having sex today. Jason started dating Britney in May 2009. Really? Has it only been a year? It seems like much longer.

Anyway, it seems that he has been telling his other woman, Jessica Steindorff, that the whole thing with Britney was fake or that they had broken up. Anything, it seems, to keep having sex with Jessica. Star also talks about how Jessica got freaked out about some STD scare. Jason bringing one to her? They do not say. I guess they want us to think he got it from Britney.

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Star actually called Jessica, and she declined to comment. I will take that as she is sleeping with him. You know, it isn't like Jason is married to Britney. Plus, judging by yesterday's story, Britney is trying to have fun with her employees, so it sounds like maybe they have an understanding. Then it would not be cheating in the classical sense, which would make the story not as much fun. Hmmm. Let's go with: Britney had no idea and would be devastated, and as soon as she hears about all of this, she is going to shave her hair and buy a KFC.


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