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British Phone Hacking Scandal May Have Unearthed Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Cheating Scandal (Report)

Eunice Huthart, a body double for Angelina Jolie and the godmother of her and Brad Pitt's daughter Shiloh, is suing News Corporation for illegally hacking into her phone and retrieving the messages. The phone hacking may have also unearthed the reports that Jolie and Pitt were having an affair during the filming of Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

“On April 1, 2005, while Plaintiff [Huthart] was in Los Angeles, a story appeared in The Sun entitled ‘Brad’s 4M Pad Is Jolie Nice.’ Upon information and belief, no one except Brad Pitt’s bodyguard, Ms. Jolie’s bodyguard, their respective personal assistants and Plaintiff knew that Brad Pitt and Ms. Jolie were now an ‘item,’" the lawsuit charges. “Yet at the end of The Sun, it is stated: ‘Yesterday The Sun exclusively revealed [Brad] and Angelina checked into a hotel posing as a married couple during a weekend trip to plug their new movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith.’”

Pitt and Jennifer Aniston separated in January 2005, but their divorce wasn't finalized until October 2005.

Huthart also claims that some of her messages that were intercepted by News Corporation were erased before she could listen to them herself, in order to make room for any new messages that might come through.

“Upon information and belief, this specific information about the motorcycle and the arrangement and the ‘natural’ remark were known only to the Plaintiff, Ms. Jolie and Mr. Da Haan," the suit read. "Those messages appear to be have been hacked and deleted before she heard them. The News Of The World article began by stating, ‘Hollywood babe Angelina Jolie has threatened to quit movies for good.’ Ms. Jolie had communicated with Plaintiff on this subject prior to the article appearing in the newspaper and would leave messages on Plaintiff’s cell phone, some of which she did not receive. This was during the time Plaintiff believes her cell phone was hacked and the information contained in the article was privately shared with Plaintiff.”

Huthart and Jolie are described as "close" friends who “often travelled and socialized together.”


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