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Why Bristol Palin Likes Levi Johnston’s New Girlfriend

Levi Johnston has a new girlfriend and he’s even confirmed it with his Facebook status, so it must be serious. “gag”  So who’s the new girl? Her name is Sunny Oglesby and she’s all of 19 years old. They’ve been together for two months now. She is from Oregon, but now lives in Wasilla and works at a daycare.

Levi’s baby mama, Bristol Palin, shared her thoughts on his new girlfriend with E!,

“I have to be happy for Levi’s new relationship,” Palin, 19, said. “Because it sounds like his new girlfriend is influencing him to want to actually spend time with Tripp. I sincerely appreciate her influence because he hasn’t asked to see Tripp in over five months, so I’m happy for this new development!”

Well, that’s really sad that it took a person working in daycare to inspire a guy to visit his one-year-old son. What a jerk.

Photos: Facebook, WENN


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