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Bristol Palin was Too Upset for Press Line After 'Dancing With the Stars' Elimination

Was Bristol Palin so upset about her elimination from last night’s Dancing With the Starsthat she opted to skip the press line?

This is the only the fifth time in the show’s history, that an eliminated guest has failed to partake in the press line.

According to her dance partner, Mark Ballas, this was Bristol’s first elimination.  This doesn’t make much sense she never won Dancing With the Stars. He also used the excuse that she was preparing for her busy schedule ahead – including Jimmy Kimmel and a visit to New York. She also had her hair to deal with.

While Bristol and Mark have a crazy schedule it isn’t any different than any of the previously eliminated partners.

What do you think about Bristol skipping the press line. Does it show that she is a sore loser or just too sensitive?


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