Bristol Palin: Hypocrite of the Year


Guess who will be making a fool of herself on season 11 of Dancing with the Stars? Well that could be anybody on the lame show but we are referring to the young and single Alaskan mother Bristol Palin. Yes, and we would also like to present Bristol with “The Hypocrite Of The Year Award.”

After thoroughly excoriating the supposed father of her child, Levi Johnston, for being what she called a “media hound” or “publicity whore” or some such slanderous thing because he didn’t want to just settle down to a mature family life with Bristol and the brat, we see that Bristol herself can not say no to her 15 minutes of completely unearned fame.

It’s funny how when she finally got an opportunity to get on TV she jumped at it – where did the homebody go – what happened to mature mom who wanted the quiet family life with Levi? Yes – all of a sudden the bright lights of Hollywood looked a whole lot better when Bristol, rather than Levi, had the invite. So now we can see the proof that all Bristol was, was jealous of Levi’s fame and minor success.

There are people, who have been on this show just because, or mostly because, of who they were related to, but not one of them was as completely without merit as Bristol Palin. What can she claim to have done? Ruin her Mom’s political campaign by getting pregnant by the one of the world’s biggest morons? Nothing else jumps quickly to mind. I wonder if the producers of the show will try to get Levi on. Now that would be a production coup of the highest order.

Article first published as Bristol Palin Says – Hey Levi “Do As I Say, Not As I Do” on Technorati.


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