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Bristol Palin: "Mom Didn't Make Me Do DWTS"

As big of a fan as I am of Margaret Cho and who is on tour right now and should not be missed, it was hard to believe what she said about Bristol Palin being forced to do DWTS. It seems pretty hard to force Bristol Palin to do anything. Maybe she could be bribed by her mother, but I don't know if she could ever be forced.

Anyway, someone alleging to be Bristol Palin said on Bristol's Facebook page that Bristol was not forced to perform on DWTS. "Bristol" says the show offered and then she decided. On her own. She also decided to take some swipes at Margaret Cho, promote her mom's book, and promote her mom's book some more. Oh, and promote her mom's book again.

The open letter "Bristol" wrote does not sound like anything I have ever really heard from her previously. It sounds like it was written by a professional PR person who was trying to sound like a teenager. Read it, and you decide if she wrote it herself.


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