Bristol Palin "Fight" With Gay Man Faked for Reality Show?


The verbal fight between Bristol Palin and a gay man who slammed her famous mom, Sarah Palin, was "set up by the producers of her reality show," says Bristol's co-star Kyle Massey, who is not happy about it.

Last week, Bristol confronted a gay man named Stephen Hanks who launched a tirade against her mother at a Los Angeles bar. In a video, the man can initially be heard yelling at Bristol, who was riding a mechanical bull: "Did you ride Levi (Johnston) like that?"

After being tossed off the bucking bronco, Palin, who was filming her reality show, made her way across the crowded bar to confront him, "What did you say?"

"You're mother's the f**king devil, dude," Hanks continued.

"Is it because you're homosexual?" Bristol boldly replied, to which Hanks replied in the affirmative.

And according to TMZ, Massey feels it was a "little too convenient" that so many cameras were there to catch the fight. Massey believes the incident was set up, but that Bristol had no knowledge of it.

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Massey reportedly feels the Biography reality show is "sleazy" and that he signed for a scripted show, and not a reality show.

After recently putting the Arizona home that she purchased last year on the market, Bristol moved in with her 'Dancing Wtih The Stars' co-star Kyle Massey in L.A., prompting rumors that they are more than just friends.


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