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Bret Michaels on Oprah: His First Interview Post-Brain Hemorrhage

Rock star and reality TV mainstay Bret Michaels appeared on the The Oprah Show via satellite on Wednesday. In his first interview after enduring a near-fatal brain hemorrhage last month, Bret Michaels tells Oprah he’s thankful the injury didn't "take [him] out."

Michaels is recovering well, but he still has a long way to go. His doctors say this is par for the course with these types of brain injuries. "I'm having a little trouble moving my lower extremities... my neck is very stiff," he told Oprah. "I'm just appreciative I'm here and have great family around me, great friends and a great medical team."

Even when he was in the ICU, Michaels' trademark bandana stayed firmly wrapped around his head. "It's like Superman without the cape," he laughed when Oprah asked him why he didn't take it off. "If I'm going to go out, I wanna go out rocking."

Check out part of Bret's interview in the clip below.


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