How Bret Michaels Monitors Daughter's Diabetes


Bret Michaels ensures his daughter eats a healthy diet and sees a nurse every day in a bid to control her diabetes.

The rocker's eldest child, Raine, has previously tested for high blood sugar, and Michaels - who has suffered from type-one diabetes since the age of six - admits it was a shock to learn her diagnosis was more serious than doctors first thought.

He reveals the 10 year old is "pretty diabetic" and he and his partner Kristi work hard to make sure Raine stays healthy.

Michaels tells CNN's chat show host Piers Morgan,

"For me, (finding out was) very, very painful. Being a diabetic my whole life and I fight so hard to raise so much money for that cause and I said here's the bittersweet moment in my life, right here.

"Why I broke down, first of all it's my daughter... you dont want anything to happen to your kids. When I found out that she had tested before, earlier in life, for high blood sugar, what is known as pre-diabetes... as a dad it rocked my world. She's my first girl. What was bittersweet in that exact moment is I also have to show strength as this is what I'm fighting for.

"She's pretty diabetic and we have her on a complete diet and she sees a nurse every day. She's not a full-blown, type-one diabetic yet, but that's what we're fighting, that's what happens in most kids. I gotta tell her to be positive. We do exercise and we do stuff all the time."


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